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When Jap signed the Instruction of Surrender in 1945, it was symbol of end of WW II, Chinese restored their territory from war, but inner battle of Nationalist Party (or the Kuomintang) against The Communist Part Army began, it was clearly the sequel of the War of Resistance of Against Japan. Both US and USSR developed their supporter in China to maintain their influence in Asia, As the result, Chinese against Chinese by taking precaution against each other. Why don’t make us, Chinese full of sorrow?

The independent Taiwan members try to put the Taiwanese separate their ancestral relationship with mainland China, instead of to curry favor with Japan, Although the unsuccessful resembling incidents can been found from the historical record, their do their circumstances haven’t change much. We can feel that the worst condition of Chinese warriors of against Japanese Army from their relics, we should not treat these heritage as a joke, History can never make a duplicate, but can teach our later ages by using of actual materials. We need to research the fact. As a old warrior says, The most valuable proclivity of Chinese people in WW II : In face of the Japanese strong-arm, they were courageous!


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Acta Scientrium Ngensis  September  9 2002

Song of Great Wall

Liu Hsueh- An

Great Wall, stretching mile on mile ,Out be-yond thee lies my home—Beans in blossoms, rip`ning grain , Over all heav`n`s shining dome Since the evil days have come, Rape and murder fill the land ; Children scattered, parents killed—More than human heard can stand ! Day and night we long for home, while our bosom swell with rage .  At all cost we`ll fight our way , Fearing not what foes -en-gage, Great Wall , stretching mile on mile , We will build a – noth--er wall of the faith of banded men , All for one and one for all !  

America LIFE magazine early disclose Nanking Massacre in May16  1938 ( Museum Ngensis)  

(Left) WWII Chinese Officer Field Cap ( Museum Ngensis)  

(Right) WWII Chinese Central Army Helmet (Germany model 1935) ( Museum Ngensis)  

WWII Chinese Army Broadsword ( Japs Killer) ( Museum Ngensis)  



WWII  Chinese Officer Dagger ( Museum Ngensis)  

Dr. Sun Yat-sen`s Three Principles of the People ( Museum Ngensis)  


 Pictorial  Review (Museum Ngensis)  

Baltimore American

October 31 1943

 Hundreds of Thousands Slaughtered in New Wave of Bestial Jap Atrocities    

By Betty Graham  

  ``The village were then forced to bury this man alive as they repaired the highway by filling in the ditch.`` ---From an original oil painting by Dan Content .  

International New Service Staff Correspondent

WASHIGTON. --- As a new wave of Japanese terrorism sweeps occupied China,The Chungking government has decided to compile its own ledger of atrocities against civilians for which those responsible will be tried in court following armistice.The material for this `` doomsday ``book reflects seven years of Japanese aggression ---- already far outweighs the record of suffering and terror inflicted by Nazis. The Chinese people have probably `` eaten more bitterness `` than the combined populations of Poland , Russia , Czechoslovakia , Austria , Norway , France , Belgium , the Netherlands and the Balkans.

Chinese Ambassador Wei Tao-ming recently indicated the extent of Japanese cruelty by disclosing that at least 500,000 civilians have been slaughtered in one area alone –a region extending 100 miles along a railway in Chokiang Province within which every living creature , every house and every farm implement was methodically destroyed by retreating Japanese soldiers. ``China has hundreds of Lidices (lidless) now, `` the Ambassador declared . `` The report currently coming from occupied China are shocking beyond belief ----- even to us Chinese who thought we knew our enemy and were prepared for cruelty now we know the Japanese are nothing but animals … animals! ``

Japan`s policies for subjugating the Chinese have gone through three distinct phases . A t the start of the Sino –Japanese war in 1937 , Japanese militarists (continued on following page )


THESE JAP SOLDIERS are burying Chinese civilians alive in other to make a horrible example for the invaded people . The atrocities are boomeranging with a resultant strengthening of Chinese morale.  -----Paul Guillumette , Inc.

Jap Militarists Commit Bestial Atrocities to Terrify Chinese Into Submission

( continued from preceding page )

 evidently felt atrocities would terrify the people into accepting Japan`s mastery without resistance . Therefore troops capturing a new town were rewarded by freedom to loot , rape or slaughter as they wished.The reign of terror culminated in the much – publicized account of the `` rape of  Nanking ``---stories substantiated by photographs of Japanese soldiers at bayonet practice using bound merchants and farmers as their dummies ;of soldiers typing bunches of civilians together, sprinkling them with gasoline and setting to be raped , mutilated and killed for Japanese amusement .

But the story of Nanking caused an uproar of protest which reverberated from all sections of the shocked world . At the same time , the bestiality of undisciplined Japanese soldiers rallied the Chinese masses to combat ``the New Order `` with ever-increasing vigor.In those days it was commonly said that if the Japanese had only killed 200 of their own victory-crazed officers after capturing Peiping , they might have easily gained complete control of all north China. The Chinese, fighting for Shanghai and Nanking ,later Hsuchow and Hankow, could not space larger reinforcements to support their troops further north Chinese soldiers were able to deny the Japanese army largely with the help of guerrilla bands formed by outraged farmers.

THIS IS an execution littered with the bodies of Chinese prisoners taken by the Japs Appalling mass executions take place daily where young, old, soldiers and civilians are treated alike.  

At last realizing the outcome of their terrorist policies, Tokyo leaders ordered army officers to hold their troops in check. In an effort to win the confidence and support of Chinese civilians, the Japanese began showing more consideration – setting up supped governments to give appearance of self –government and conducting intensive propaganda campaigns designed to prove the benevolence of the conquerors.However these measures came a little too late. The Chinese farmer, while illiterate, is intelligent Chinese resistance continued to organize furtively, growing strongest in areas under the longest domination.In the north China first. Later in other Japanese – controlled regions, the enemy was forced to stamp out continuing opposition with ever more brutal methods.

SMILES AND JEERS from Japanese soldiers standing nearly and watching their butchery are the last sights and sounds this Chinese prisoner has to remember before this Japanese chops off his head.   -----pale Guillumette . Inc.

 Today, as Ambassador Wei pointed out, the Japanese have reverted to terrorism on a far greater scale than know before , totally depopulating vast areas in their despair of subjugating China.  Typical of accounts of this new outbreak of horror are two dispatches published in the Ta Kung Pao , one of China`a largest newspaper . Since news travels slowly from the interior of China , these articles by Miss Yang Kang have only just reached Washington, although they are based on a trip made last summer.This Ta Kung Pao correspondent traveled by horse through areas in Kiangsi and Fukien Province, which the Japanese had evacuated three weeks before . She reported that the enemy left nothing behind but sickness and destruction.

``The enemy has brought here his New Order—plague , corpses devastation and desolation ,`` she said in summarizing her findings. ``Wherever I cast a glance I caught sight of heap of bare bones, or leg wrapped in ragged clothes . This happens whether I am riding in hills, or through farmlands, or among woods or by empty house. Some of these belong to human beings, While others belong to horses. I often see a puddle of something like sticky refuse by side

BOWING HIS HEAD in prayer, this Chinese youth kneels waiting for the sword in the hands of his Jap captor, which will behead him. Note bestial smile on face of his executioner.  -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.

Jap Reign Terror Reveals Cruelties  

JAPANESE HEADSMAN place his Chinese prisoner in position for execution by beheading. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese have been slaughtered by Nipponese captors in a wave of atrocities which has swept over China. 

( continued from preceding page )

of a skull or rib .bone ----- that is the remains of digestive organs . `` The greater part of the corpses belong to our civilians The enemy burned their  dead and seriously wounded.``Miss Yang also described how the Japanese make sure that those who escape the Japanese butchers will starve or die of disease. ``Wells have been poisoned by hog and cow carcasses thrown in by enemy soldiers who killed every animals in sight ,`` she said . `` The refugees drink any kind of water when trudging under the hot sun or hiding in the hill.``

The Japanese burned the grain they could not carry away. The Ta Kunk pao reporter noted  that in one town . `` several hundreds of thousands of stored rice have been burned,`` while at another place ``the Japanese also burned 800000 piculs of rice.`` A typical town according to Miss Yang , was Nihuang in  Kiangsi Province, which formerly had 30 000 inhabitants, She reported that she saw only 20 people left in this town and rode through debris for 15 minutes before finding an inhabited house.


TIED TO SAPING, this Chinese prisoner lean far forward, as his Japanese executioner raises his sword to slash off his head. Note clenched fist of slayer as gathers some strength for deathblow. While;  

Of Nanchang , a town to the east in the path of the Japanese evacuation,  Miss Yang said:`` No walls were left standing to give an outline or a shadow of a city and its streets, it was as flat an open field covered with debris.`` When Japanese entered Nanchang, ``in addition to plunder, the enemy rounded up about 800 women and herded them into a store. House outside the east gate for raping,`` she continued `` Then there was indiscriminate slaughtering of the population.  Between 1000 and 2000 of inhabitants were killed.`` `` The enemy stayed in Nanchang for 20 days After everything had been destroyed and the Japanese were forced  to withdraw , they started to fire the southern section of the city .

``Broken doors and partition board were placed in the center of every house according to plan and kerosene was poured over .A long torch was then applied from outside . When there was a high brick wall between two houses , the torch was applied to the next one . There was a group of soldiers assigned to this task for every street and lane and the larger buildings. This planned burning was carried on for three days and the city of Nanchang became charred earth .``


WHILE THESE tow  Chinese kneel with bowed heads, awaiting the death shots soon to be fired by their Japanese captor, their executioner pauses momentarily in his bloody task, to pose for a picture of himself and victims to send back home. -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.  

Throughout the areas she traveled, Miss Yang found reports that the Japanese `` had searched the mountains and brought away able.bod.ied men for transport work.`` she wrote: Boys between 12 and 16 were kidnapped for orderlies and later sent to Nanchang .`` Miss Yang also stated that Japanese military equipment is deteriorating to the point where three soldiers often shared one gun This she believed, was one reason why the Japanese were now resorting to the use of gas with increasing frequency.

Jap Vengeance! Bury Men Alive  

ROPED TOGETHER like animals these Chinese prisoners of the Japanese hopelessly await execution by captors, cruelties go unabated.  

From North China came other reports of the use of poison gas. Ambassador Wei quoted letters from friends in Peiping which described the Japanese trick of tossing gas into tunnels where villagers were known to be hiding . The same source reported that whenever guerillas cut trenches across Japanese highways, enemy troops occupied the nearest village and seized a young man. THE VILLAGE WERE THEN FORCE TO BURY THIS MAN ALIVE AS THEY REPAIRED THE HIGHWAY BY FILLING IN THE DITCH. In addition, the letters remarked that Japan is devising modern methods of torture. Where formerly the Japanese torturers used the ``water cure`` ---forcing water, sometimes with pepper in it , through the nose of victims and reviving them several times before they drown ---the Japanese now favor making their captives drink gasoline.  

EYE TERRIBLY swollen and watery, and both of his cheeks puffed out, this victim of Jap tear gas is aided by pals. He knows Jap fanaticism.  

There are also reports that when the Japanese capture guerillas, they often bury the peasant soldiers alive, leaving the heads above ground for the rats to eat. However the Chinese Ambassador declared that, despite these atrocities, civilian morale in occupied areas is steadily rising, fed by reports of China`s expanding force. Wei`s friend in Tientsin wrote of furtive celebrations when America bombers hammered coal mines in North China.  ``This friend said that the Chinese there only hope for more and more bombings, even if their own homes are destroyed or they themselves are killed,`` Wei said.``The Chinese are prepared for any personal sacrifice to end this terrorism and to drive out the Japanese.``                                    

TAUNTED AND MOCKED by their brutal Jap captors, these two Chinese boys have no other recourse except to wait for death to put an end to their agonies. Soon one will be compelled to watch comrade bayoneted to death, before he meets like fate. -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.  


WWII Japanese 99 type 1939 rifles (incomplete)  ( Museum Ngensis)  

CHINESE CIVILIANS with their hands tied behind their backs, are used by the Jap army for bayonet practice targets. In this way the Japanese officers believe they instill into their soldiers a blood-lust which will make them fierce fighters in combat. -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.  

THESE CHINESE CIVILIANS also become the live targets of the Jap army bayonetters. Civilians and soldiers alike stand around watching the proceedings. As fast as one group is brought into the ``pit ``to be killed another is waiting its moment of doom.    -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.   

BEHEADING IS ONE of the Japanese methods of execution in the occupied area, it probably is done since beheading is one of the most contemptible ways for a Chinese to die in his estimation and the Japs know it.


THIS CHINESE victim is being led off to his execution by a Jap soldier. Without even the semblance of a trial. Chinese in the occupied area are rounded up and taken to the execution scene by the fatally tortured. -----Paul Guillumette, Inc.  


 close-up of surrendered warship NAGATO in Tokyo Bay


(right) Pacific Fleet Tokyo Bay, Mt. Fujiyama silhouetted in setting sun. (left) Rasing the Admiral’s flag the surrender ship U.S.S Missouri


(right) Japanese surrender delegation headed by Mamoru Shigemitsu Foreign Minister ,com abroad U.S.S . Missouri for historic surrender ceremonies.   

(left) General MacArthur close surrender ceremonies aboard surrender documents  




We acting by command of and in behalf of the Emperor of Japan , the Japanese Government and the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters, Hereby accept the provisions set forth in the declaration issued by the heads July 1945,at Potsdam , and subsequently adhered to by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic , which four power are hereafter referred to as the Allied Powers.

          We hereby proclaim the unconditional surrender to the Allied Powers of the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters and of all Japanese armed forces and all armed under Japanese control wherever situated .

          We hereby command all Japanese forces wherever situated and the Japanese people to cease hostilities forthwith , to preserve and save from damage all ship ,aircraft , and military and civil property and to comply with all requirements which may be imposed by the supreme commander for the Allied Powers or by the agencies of the Japanese Government at his direction .

           We hereby command the Japanese Imperial General Headquarters to issue at once orders to the commander of all Japanese forces and all forces under Japanese control wherever situated to surrender unconditionally themselves and all forces under their control .

           We hereby command all civil , military and naval officials to obey and enforce all proclamations ,orders and directives deemed by the supreme commander for Allied Powers to be proper to effectuate this surrender and issued by him or under his authority and we direct all such officials to remain at their posts and to continue to perform their non-combatant duties unless specifically relieved by him or under his authority.

    We hereby undertake for the Emperor , the Japanese Government and their successors to carry out the provisions of the Potsdom Declaration in good faith ,and to issue whatever orders and take whatever orders and take whatever action may be required by the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers or by any other designated representative of the Allied Powers for the purpose of giving effect to that Declaration. 

     We hereby command the Japanese imperial Government and the Japanese imperial General Headquarter at once to liberate all allied prisoners of war and civilian internees now under Japanese control and to provide for their protection , care maintenance and immediate transportation to places as directed.

      The authority of the Emperor and the Japanese Government to rule the state shall be subject to the Supreme  Commander for the Allied Powers who will take such steps as he deems proper to effectuate these terms of surrender.


     Signed at TOKYO  BAY JAPAN at  0904, I  on the SECOND day of SEPTEMBER  ,  1945  

Mamoru Shigemitsu

By Command and in behalf of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese Government.


Yoshijuro Umezu

By Command and in behalf of the Japanese imperial General Headquarters .


Accepted at TOKO BAY , JAPAN  at  0908  I  on the  SECOND day of SEPTEMBER , 1945, for the United State, Republic of China ,United Kingdom and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic , and in the interests of the other united Nations at war of Japan.


Douglas MacArthur

Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers.


 United States Representative  

 Republic of China Representative  

 United Kingdom  Representative  

 Union of Soviet Socialist Republic Representative  

 Commonwealth of Australia Representative  

 Dominion of Canada Representative  

 Provisional Government of the French Republic Representative  

 Kingdom of the Netherlands Representative  

 Dominion of New Zealand Representative



(left)Mr. Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the surrender documents on U.S.S Missouri on September 2, 1945

(right) Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz signs the surrender documents for United States on U.S.S Missouri


(left)Mr. Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the surrender documents on U.S.S Missouri on September 2, 1945

(right) General Hsu Yung-chang signs the surrender documents for China on U.S.S

(left)  Mamoru Shigemitsu  (right)  Yoshijuro Umezu  shags with `Sad Sack` after the signing surrender documents  

INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER (copy) and the original photo 1945  (Museum Ngensis)  


The America LIFE magazine’s cover often brings me to special brooding zone : It was issued in 16 May, 1938,  A moon-faced Chinese boy was standing at attention, He was only a 15 years old young soldier, this picture was from the camera of Robert Capa, after to be the magazine cover, Robert called him as “ A DEFENDER OF CHINA!”. Today he was still alive? Although this is the question I concern, I am afraid no one can tell me the inside story! In 13 December 1937 Japanese forces pillaged Nanking and the nearby towns, thousands of women were raped and the massacring caused losing of Nanking citizens of up to 300,000,  Chinese people will never forgive and forget them! Acta Scientrium Ngensis, as the researching group of preserving the fact of this historic incident, I can note that the PICTORIAL REVIEW can supply the evidence to prove the Jap’s cruelties, It was an original material of issuing date of 31 October 1943. On the other hand, INSTRUMENT OF SURRENDER (copy) was signed in 2 September 1945 and the same time photo , It was the symbol of the end of the pacific War ever for WW II important documents ,.  Militarily collections are the eyewitnesses of the great wall of blood and flesh! It lead we back to fifty-seven years ago, Review the glory of  Chinese warriors!  

 September  9  2002


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